Water Hike in La Sambuy

A refreshing and full of surprises aquatic hike in Annecy!

As a family, come and cool off and discover the green setting of this mountain torrent. On the program walking in the river and small slides on natural slides. Ideal for spending a nice afternoon on hot summer afternoons.

Terréo invites you to get off the beaten track with this aquatic hike nestled in the Tamié valley, at the foot of the Sambuy resort. Far from the crowds, you will enjoy a refreshing and green setting to have a good time as a family with young and old. This course is accessible to all, with only a few small obstacles where water games will be possible. In this valley, walking in the river is pleasant, as are the few slides and jumps possible. The water dug the rock in an astonishing way, creating a recess, with an aspect close to that which can be found in canyoning. Rounded shapes, strata and fossils are visible. The fauna also has its place in this valley with, if the luck smiles on you, the possibility of observing trout, roe deer, fisherman, salamander and other residents of the place. The passage under the old arched bridge is also a pleasant moment where one becomes aware of the work carried out by water for millions of years. You will be accompanied by a canyoning instructor during this outing. Regarding the equipment that will be provided to you, it is similar to that used in canyoning: wetsuit and neoprene socks, helmet and harness. Note that the harness is present to protect against friction on the rock during the slides and will allow the instructor to help you on a passage by holding onto the harness if necessary. Regarding the approach, it consists of a short walk of 5 minutes. The return, lasting around 15 minutes, is on foot via a pleasant path.

In summary


LEVEL : Beginner

MINIMUM AGE  : from 7 years old

PHOTOS : Included

EQUIPMENT YOU NEED : a swimsuit and a pair of sneakers

LOCATION : Terréo aquatic hiking car park



from 4 persons : 40 €

from 6 persons : 40 €



You never have to jump if you don’t feel comfortable.  There are other options for descending.

Not all of the obstacles and difficult passages can be avoided by taking a trail to get around them. However, our guides are there the reassure you and adapt the obstacle to your ability level so you’ll feel safe and comfortable doing it. You can always have a second rope to secure you and the privilege of having a guide by your side on the way down. Remember, we are there to have fun and some adrenaline as well.

Our groups consist of 10 participants per guide.

The Angon canyon does’nt have a lot of deep water (the parts where swimming is possible are very short). It is nevertheless important to be comfortable in an aquatic environment and to be able to swim short stretches. Also, the wetsuits will cause you to float more easily.

All of the equipment needed for the activity will be provided to you: canyoning wetsuit, neoprene booties, harness and helmet. You should come with a good pair of trainers and a swimsuit.

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