Aquatic hike by Annecy

Would you be interested in discovering a refreshing activity full of fun and surprises? This activity is ideal for families with young children of 6 years and older. On the agenda is an aquatic walk that is loads of fun. You can take the natural water slides and/or jump into the pools of fresh mountain water. As this walk is easy with minimal elevation gain, it would be a perfect way to get a first taste of canyoning. Smiles and laughter guaranteed!

Terréo offers a selection of aquatic hikes a few kilometers from Lake Annecy. These courses are aimed in particular at families with young children. We have already had the pleasure of supervising small children, parents and grandparents on our outings which want to be accessible to as many people as possible. However, even if the obstacles are small, the fact remains that we will be walking on rocky terrain that can be slippery. These aquatic hiking trails have been selected for their interest and in particular with regard to the environment they offer, so practicing this activity in a wild natural setting is a real plus, far from the crowds. Aquatic hiking in the region of nnecy is an activity particularly suitable during hot summer afternoons, offering the possibility of a refreshing stroll with the family, of playing with the water, of swimming. During our outings, we will provide you with all the equipment necessary for the activity. The equipment is similar to that of canyoning: neoprene wetsuit and socks, helmet and harness. Supervision is provided by a qualified canyoning instructor. Beyond the fun aspect allowed by the water games, an awareness of the natural environment will be offered. Thus our guides will address themes such as geology, the torrent regime, flood phenomena, fauna and flora.


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Sambuy aquatic hike


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Glapigny water hike



An aquatic hike consist of going down a mountain torrent where you’ll walk at times in the river and at other times along the side.  There will be aquatic activities, such as sliding and jumping into small water pools. However, the biggest difference is that in the aquatic hike there aren’t any high water falls and rappelling descents to be performed.

The aquatic hike is suitable for families with young children and people who just simply want to have fun and relaxing time in nature.  This is the perfect activity to get away from the crowds for an afternoon.

Our groups can have up to 10 persons per guide.

The aquatic hike that we offer doesn’t have any deep pools along the way.  It is not therefore necessary to be a good swimmer; although, it is important to feel comfortable being in the water. However, you can do some swim strokes if you like in the pools while taking part in aquatic games.

To get to the meeting point for this activity, you can take the Sources du lac d’Annecy bus line and get off at the “Ancien pont de Seythenex” bus stop.


All of the equipment you’ll need for the outing will be provided to you: a canyoning wetsuit, neoprene booties, harness and helmet. You must have with you a pair of hiking shoes or trainers and a swimsuit.

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Aquatic hike in Annecy

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