multi Activity Packs in Annecy

Discover the region around Annecy from different angles with our multi activity packs.  Find yourself plunging into a natural pool at the bottom of a waterfall while canyoning, then, experiencing flight while paragliding high above Annecy lake, next you’ll be exploring an underground world, and soon after you’ll be up on the mountain enjoying the vertical sensations of the via ferrata. Indeed, these are the ingredients of unlimited fun!


starting at 95 €

Canyoning + caving pack

Discovery / Sensations

starting at 96 €

Canyoning + Via Ferrata pack

Discovery / Sensations

starting at 139€

Canyoning + Paragliding Pack

discovery / Sensations

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The two activities each take a half day. The two half days can be on the same day or can be on two different days.  For example, you could go on the Spelunking Sensations outing in the morning at the Prérouge cave and then take a Canyoning Sensations trip at the Pont du Diable in the afternoon.

Each activity we propose is accessible to individuals of different ages.  The age limits are stated in the “In summary” section for each activity. As a general rule, the Discovery packs are accessible to children 8 years and older.

Our groups are made up of  8 persons maximum to one guide for the caving activity and via ferrata Discovery. For the via ferrata Sensations, there will be 5 persons maximum to a guide. In canyononing, there is a maximum number of 10 persons per group.

The dates for our season for these mountain activities starts on April 1st and extends to October 15th.

All the equipment needed for the activities will be provided to you. You’ll find the information about what sort of clothing you must bring in the description for each activity.

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multi activity packs

Discovery or Sensations from 96 €

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