canyoning + via ferrata Pack Discovery or Sensations

Vary your fun with this activity pack by Annecy

This pack combines two half day activity outings at sites close to Annecy!

Enjoy this vertical adventure on the via ferrata with our Discovery and Sensations outings that are fun and refreshing and just a stone’s throw from the lake.

Canyoning in sumary

DURATION : 2H30 / 3h30 (Discovery / Sensations)

NIVEAU : Beginner / intermediate

 MINIMUM AGE : 8 ans / 12 ans

PHOTOS : Included

WHAT TO BRING :a pair of trainers, swimsuit.

LOCATION :  canyoning Angon / Montmin / Pont du Diable park car

via ferrata in summary

DURATION : 3H00 / 4h0 (Discovery / Sensations)

NIVEAU : Beginner / intermediate

 MINIMUM AGE : 8 ans / 12 ans

PHOTOS : Included

WHAT TO BRING : a pair of hiking or trail running shoes, a backpack, some warmer clothing, a bottle of water and snacks.

LOCATION :  via ferrata La Sambuy / Les Aravis park car

the rates

canyoning + via ferrata Pack


canyoning + via ferrata Pack


Frequently asked questions

The two activities each take a half day. The two half days can be on the same day or can be on two different days.  For example, you could go on the via ferrata La Sambuy and do the Montmin discovery Canyoning  in the afternoon.

Groupe numbers will vary depending on the route chosen to insure the greatest quality and safety. There will be five persons maximum per guide for the via ferrata in the Aravis and 8 persons maximum for the Sambuy outing. In the event of a large group of friends and/or family we will provide the number of guides necessary to insure safety.

Our via ferrata courses are situated in a magnificent mountain environment. The temperatures can often be as much as 15 degrees lower than temperatures at the same time down at the lake. In addition, since the temperature can change very quickly it is advised to carry some extra warm clothes in your pack: polar fleece jumper or sweatshirt, outer shell or windbreaker, and trousers.

We will provide the equipment for the activity: a harness, which are specially equipped for the via ferrata, along with a helmet. You should however bring with you: a good pair of hiking shoes or trail running shoes with good tread, a backpack, a bottle of water with some snacks. We will provide the complete equipement in canyoning, you will have to bring a swim suit and a pair of sneackers.

To get to  the via ferrata at the Sambuy meeting point, you can catch the bus from Annecy that will take you to Faverges via the Lhisa number 51 bus line. Then you can take the Sources du lac d’Annecy shuttle to get to the meeting point.

The Aravis via ferrata is not accessible by bus.

To get to the meeting point at the Angon canyon, you can take the LHISA bus line number 61. take the LHISA bus line number 51 for Montmin canyon.

You can also come by bike. Take advantage of a special offer on bike rentals with our partner, Roul’Ma Poule, in our canyoning + bike pack.

Both up and down trips on the chairlift are included in the price of the outing. At the top you’ll see some breathtaking views.

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