Angon intermediate canyoning

Its large verticalsand its aesthetics make the Angon Canyon a must in Annecy!

Canyon where the vertical and aquatic side blends perfectly. Abseils including the great Angon waterfall of 35 meters. The famous passage of the letter box, as well as several slides and jumps mark out the descent.

In summary


LEVEL : Beginner

MINIMUM AGE  : from 14 years old

PHOTOS : Included

EQUIPMENT YOU NEED : a swimsuit and a pair of sneakers

LOCATION :  Angon canyoning Park car



from 4 persons : 62€

from 6 persons : 62€



You never have to jump if you don’t feel comfortable.  There are other options for descending.

Not all of the obstacles and difficult passages can be avoided by taking a trail to get around them. However, our guides are there the reassure you and adapt the obstacle to your ability level so you’ll feel safe and comfortable doing it. You can always have a second rope to secure you and the privilege of having a guide by your side on the way down. Remember, we are there to have fun and some adrenaline as well.

Our groups consist of 10 participants per guide.

The Angon canyon does’nt have a lot of deep water (the parts where swimming is possible are very short). It is nevertheless important to be comfortable in an aquatic environment and to be able to swim short stretches. Also, the wetsuits will cause you to float more easily.

To get to the meeting point at the Angon canyon, you can take the  bus line number 60.

You can also come by bike. Take advantage of a special offer on bike rentals with our partner, Roul’Ma Poule, in our canyoning + bike pack.

All of the equipment needed for the activity will be provided to you: canyoning wetsuit, neoprene booties, harness and helmet. You should come with a good pair of trainers and a swimsuit.

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enfant en canyoning a saint jorioz