Germinal caving Sensations

Approach less than 200 meters
to discover this caving !

The entrance to this cavity is located at the summit of Semnoz in a mountain setting. This exploration will be perfect for a first introduction to verticality and will allow you to descend to almost 200 meters deep. At the bend of a pretty underground stream, you will discover concretions, narrower passages and finally a large room.

In summary


LEVEL : Intermedediate

MINIMUM AGE  : from 12 years old

EQUIPMENT YOU NEED : warm clothes (sweats or tracksuit, jumper or polar fleece sweatshirt, woolly hat.) You can wear trainers or hiking shoes.

LOCATION :  Park car Germinal



from 4 people : 65€

à partir de 6 personnes : 65€


Frequently asked questions

In the caves where we take our clients the narrow passage ways are not at all obligatory, although they provide a fun and physical playground for those who love a challenge. 


The caves’ temperature is around 10° C.  If you are wearing the proper clothing you will not be cold. Moreover, you will see that the physical activity while spelunking keeps you warm. Spelunking can also be a wonderful way to cool off during a heat wave!  



Our groups will be of up to 8 persons per guide.

The spelunking equipment we provide includes: spelunking suit, harness, helmet, and backpack.

You should wear warm clothes (sweats or tracksuit, jumper or polar fleece sweatshirt, woolly hat.) Make sure you have a change of clothing to put on afterwards. For footwear, you can wear trainers or hiking shoes.

Our spelunking Discovery cave is accessible to children 6 years and older. For the spelunking Sensations cave, children must be 12 or older. Great for young children, parents and grandparents too, why not come and make it a family outing of spelunking?


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